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Basic Piano Skills for Beginners

Playing piano is not as difficult as it may seem, provided you have the patience to practice and a good tutor to train. Piano has 88 notes, which are broken into black and white notes. It must be noted that not all pianos have 88 notes, but most do.   The notes on the piano

Cool math games for kids!

Mathematics can be fun or the most difficult subject. Training a child to be quick at math, and to help him develop aptitude for the subject, there are a range of video games out there.

Songs to teach your kids their body parts

Learning with music is the best thing at any age. More so, when you are a kid. The best way to teach young learners about their body parts is by allowing them to move and swing to the lyrics of the following songs.

Top 5 Educational Games for Students

Playing brain bending and educational games always helps you to enhance your learning capabilities.

5 free iPad Apps for Drawing and Sketching Notes on iPad

Mobile devices like iPad have so much to offer when it comes to learning and education. In Singapore where education is very tech savvy, and use if iPad as a learning device is encouraged, it is imperative to get good drawing and sketching apps for your device.

More Students Continuing Their Studies Beyond Secondary School in Singapore

The statistics released by MOE reflect on how the students of primary school have fared over the last ten years.

Top Apple Apps for Education

The new Apps from Apple lay stress on improving teacher proficiency and make them more practical.

Third Language For Students In Singapore

The MOE in Singapore had set up the center for language – MOELC in 1978.