Monthly Archives: February 2015

Top classroom management tips!

Teaching is one of the noblest professions. It requires patience, efforts, potential and above all, ‘management’!

Tips for dads to help their child grow better

Children as special for their parents. Thus, it’s not the responsibility of mothers to care for them, fathers also need to put their efforts.

Tips for selecting a primary school for your children

A primary school plays a very important role in development of your children. While your child is ready to shift from the kindergarten to his new primary school, it is your responsibility to find a perfect option for him.

Importance of being active!

Being physically active is of great importance, especially for the children. Surveys have also proved that exercises and games make your child concentrate and solve problems in a better way.

Did You Know Kids!…Know your Singapore

Hey kids, do you love your Singapore? How much do you know about the country? Wondering!!!

Education in Singapore in your native language

The prime difficulty that expatriates face is to find a school that provides international education in their home language. It’s a common dilemma faced by almost all but if you are moving to Singapore, this isn’t a problem there. Speaking and learning in English is definitely a good thing, but often parents have the feat