4 Red Flags That Your Kid Has a Bad Tutor

Bob Talbert has rightly said that good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more. Bad tutors are not only a waste of your money and time being invested in your kid’s academic future, but also affect negatively your kid’s interest in the study.

Here are the signs of a bad tutor:

Not Taking Responsibilities:

A bad tutor is irresponsible and may not work with the students. For example, he just assigns them a heap of notes, tests, and past exam papers. But he may not help the students understand the concepts. Besides, students will be tired off by doing assignments and homework, again and again, thereby losing their interest over the time. This approach won’t help your kids in any way.

Awarding Punishments:

Some teachers are of short temper nature. Their tendency to losing anger very often makes them horrible to the students. Needless to say such tutors can resort to physical punishments like caning. Then, some tutors may rebuke or make fun of the average students. Both forms of punishment damage self-respect and learning ability of the kids. So, make sure your tutor is not rude or aggressive with the kids. A right tutor behaves gently and works over the key areas of improvement.

What Your Kids Have to Say About Their Home Tutor?

Listen to your kids. What kind of views do they hold about his tutor? If you receive negative message or complaints about the tutor, you must take it seriously. Check the matter if the tutor is really bad or they don’t like the tutor at all. Try to figure out why the kids are not happy with their tutors.

Arriving Late and Leaving Earlier:

Make sure the tutor you choose is punctual and leaves only after the designated hours.

So these are some ways to spot a bad home tutor. Picking a right tutor is not easy, especially when you can come across the plethora of tuition centers or tutors at every nook and corner in Singapore. Don’t worry! Here Champion Tutor’s vast database helps by providing you with the list of screened and qualified tutors in Singapore.

David Lim is the writer of this article is a regular contributor on the behalf of ChampionTutor.
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