5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Your POA Exam

POA or Principles of Account is an introductory accounting course and covers the concepts like accounting, double entry system of bookkeeping, final accounts, etc. No wonder if you are not getting satisfactory grades in POA exams. After all, POA is not colourful or engaging like language subjects or poetry book.

To ensure good grades in POA exams, first of all you need to eliminate the below listed mistakes…

Not Reviewing Study Material Before Each Lecture:

It is better if you review the concept before it is being discussed in the classroom. This way, you come prepared and can grasp the things easily.

Not Being Clear About the Exam Format:

You should be familiar with the marking scheme and question paper structure. It will help you get an idea of the questions types and marks. Besides, you can manage your time according to the questions. Therefore, you should practice previous years’ exam papers.

Not Identifying Problem Areas:

Given that POA exam is tough, you should be aware of your problem areas. You should practice on the things that trouble you most, whether it’s a calculation speed or balance sheet. It will give you confidence and efficiency to get over the hurdles.

Not Preparing Class Notes for Exam Beforehand:

Many students brush up the dust over the notes a few days before exam. Don’t be one of them. You should prepare your class notes beforehand and list the difficult concept. This will ensure you peace of mind during exams.

Not Taking POA Tuitions:

Sometimes students don’t get attention in the classroom of 20-30 students. A busy teacher may not be able to address their each query. Then, they may hesitate to ask their doubts. Therefore, they should look for a right POA tutor to get extra assistance.


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