Best 6 ways to help your kid to deal with stress

There can be many reasons why your child is dealing with stress. It can be due to lack of interest in studies or due to conflict in family. Whatever the reason is, you need to deal with it very smartly. Find out some amazing ways to help your child manage stress levels.

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Is your kid stressed out?

Yes, don’t be surprised, just like adults, children too deal with stress. There can be one or more reasons causing this situation.

  • Burden of schoolwork and homework.
  • Fear of tests and exams.
  • Anxiety due to after-school activities or bullying.

So, it is normal for kids for to struggle with stress. And of course, it is a big reason to worry for the parents too.

Don’t panic! It is just that you need to handle the situation very carefully. Explore some helpful ways here:

 1. Say a strict no to ‘criticizing’

Remember, never talk negatively about their grades, homework or anything else in front of your child. Reason is quite simple; it creates fear among them. You must stay positive and make them learn the power of positivity.

 2. Keep technology at bay

Nowadays, in Singapore kids spend more than seven hours a day using technology, and somewhere this is responsible for increasing stress. If you cannot put it completely off, you must add limits on your kid’s tech time. Instead make them spend more time being active as a family.

 3. A proper sleep dose

Do you know kids who don’t get enough sleep are likely to be more irritable? So, if you really want them to handle school stress, make sure they get a proper sleep.

 4. Communication is the key

The moment you suspect your kid is stressed, open the lines of communication. You can start asking about their day and challenges. Once they are comfortable in sharing, you can easily sort out the problem causing them stress.

 5. Don’t create a chaos

It is one of the essential things parents need to learn. Avoid chaotic mornings and let them enjoy childhood.

 6. Practice relaxation

The best thing you can do is add some good activities like deep breathingprogressive muscle relaxation and positive thinking to their regime. Believe it; these are proven ways to reduce stress.



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