Can Cutting Class Size Benefit Students?

Can cutting class size really benefit students? The answer can’t be a simple “YES” or “NO”.It will require school authorities to go through a lot of considerations.

Classroom Size


“Smaller classes may help level the playing field and enhance equality of opportunity for students from disadvantaged families,”—this is how Non Constituency MP Leon Perera advocates streamlined class size in Parliament. Mr. Perera’s view of cutting class size is backed by many MOE teachers.

Many of them opined that smaller class size helps teacher focus more on teaching and less on marking. Plus, students will get more personal attention. This way, it will enhance the learning. Highlighting such benefits, Mr. Perera told that small “small class sizes allow weaker students to be more engaged during lessons because they have less room to stay quiet”.

Can cutting class size really benefit students?The answer can’t be a simple “YES” or “NO”. It is important to keep all concerns and possible consequences in mind before deploying this strategy. Let’s see why this strategy is an uphill task…

  • Dividing the classes into smaller size would lead to more hiring of the teachers. It means that the schools will have to bring the faculty from another sector or they have to compromise with the prescribed standards for a hiring. Schools living on a tight budget may not afford more hiring.
  • The “small class size” strategy is often backed by the examples of other nation’s education systems. Despite of the success with other nation’s education models, it is not necessary that it works with Singapore’s.
  • Then, the ideal class size and outcomes should be specified. How students will gain from reduced class sizes? Will it lead to other outcomes other than academic?

Yeah, the benefits of smaller class size are obvious. But it should be started as pilot project, rather than a full implementation to assess the outcomes.

About Author: My name is Donna Ferrell, I’m a writer by interest and a full-time mom of two kids aged 4 & 7 years old respectively. Also, I am a part-time tutor at ChampionTutor Singapore.  It provides best home tuition in Singapore.  love visiting parks and Water Park during weekend holidays with my kids.

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