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Even Preschoolers Are Learning Computational Thinking In Singapore

‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world’. As more people concede to the significance of digital literacy and learning to code, there is another big thing emerging. Yes! Now even preschool teachers are teaching computational thinking to kids right from the youngest age. Computational

Gaming app To Make Learning fun- Yes, it’s possible

Thanks to the advanced technology which has made it possible games to be a part of studies. Yes, you read it right. Find out the details below.

Technology doesn’t make school pupils smarter

Computers do not noticeably improve school pupils’ academic results and can even hamper performance.

8 Best apps for Educating your kids

Want to teach your kids skills or help them at home work, there is an app for everything now. These apps help both parents and teachers to understand kids in a better way. It helps to match their levels of intelligence and keep a track of their class performance.

Top games that will actually teach you more about Singapore

From learning more Singaporean slangs to reading up on the histories of our iconic people, local games are becoming an amusing and entertaining way to spread knowledge. Let’s take a look at three games that will actually teach you more about Singapore. 1.  Guess the Word SG (Photo/Guess The Word SG)  Fans of charades will love Guess

Role of Technology in Modern Education

We have been using technology so much these days in each and every domain of our lives. Even the technology is now causing education to improve over time. Although, earlier it was a debatable topic amongst the society with everyone having their own views on modernizing education, but today it has become the foremost element of the education sector.

Top 10 free textbook and audiobook apps

iPad is one of the best educational  mobile devices of the century. We having been  writing a lot about its potential in education. But the thing is the more we dig into its secrets the more fascinated we get with all the amazing things it has in store for us in education. Today, we are introducing you to

Meet Edusnap: An app that can help you to complete your homwework

CHIA Luck Yong, Shaun TAN, and Anders TAN of SMU (Singapore Management University), have launched Edusnap which is an app that allows students to upload their questions onto a platform, where teachers, tutors and tuition centers can guide students.