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Can Cutting Class Size Benefit Students?

Can cutting class size really benefit students? The answer can’t be a simple “YES” or “NO”.It will require school authorities to go through a lot of considerations.   “Smaller classes may help level the playing field and enhance equality of opportunity for students from disadvantaged families,”—this is how Non Constituency MP Leon Perera advocates streamlined class

Best 6 ways to help your kid to deal with stress

There can be many reasons why your child is dealing with stress. It can be due to lack of interest in studies or due to conflict in family. Whatever the reason is, you need to deal with it very smartly. Find out some amazing ways to help your child manage stress levels. Is your kid

The increasing scope for pe, art and music teachers in Singapore

PE, art and music curriculum play a critical role in the holistic development of students. Hence, the number of professional cultivating these skills tends to increase. Find out more details here. Do you know about DSA? Yes, Direct School Admission, a new process of admission which is not merely based on the PSLE scores. It

Teach your kids to avoid the common Exam Mistakes

Kids are kids, and they are known to commit the silliest errors that can cost them valuable imprints. Teach your kids to stay away from these basic blunders, whether your little one is sitting for the PSLE or the year-end SA2. English Mistake: Not focusing on key words. Teach him to underline or circle key

Exams time- Healthy Diet Time

Though it is said to eat healthy diet always, yet when it is about your exams, you need to be more careful. Find out here what all you need for better energy and performance.

Is chat time with your kids really necessary?

You are highly concerned about your children, isn’t it? But do you know how important it is to chat with them on regular basis? In case, you have been overlooking the importance of the short and long conversation, here is something which will inspire you to do so. Read on.

A centre for special needs students launched at Singapore Polytechnic

For the students with special needs, there is good news. The recently launched centre at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) will cater them all new facilities. Learn in detail.

NUS and NTU Bagged top ranks among the Asian universities

When it is about achievements in education field, Singapore has bagged numerous laurels across the world. And this time, the two popular universities, i.e. NUS and NTU made the country proud.

Why parents should use language of love to your kids

Treatment of children and the way parents communicate or provide feedback to them lays the foundation of their children. Wrong ways, unhealthy and unbalanced development of bond with children could be the biggest disaster in their life. Tender hearts of children need attention, affection, understanding and trust. Reward and punishments are the basics of learning,

Singapore Schools Using Artistic Ways To Teach Non-Arts Subjects!

Schools of Singapore have presented numerous new things in the education system, which is gainful for both students as well as teachers. One such is the acquaintance of artistic ways to teach non-arts subject. There are numerous schools who have gone for this new artistic learning way for non-arts subjects. With the help of this