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How to Incorporate Science into Your Kid’s Everyday Life

These tips help you make science an interesting subject for your kids.

DIY Chemistry Experiments Kids Can Try At Home

To make chemistry exciting for kids, here are some simple DIY experiments to try at home.

How to Calm Down an Anxious Kid?

Don’t let your kids to be taken down by anxiety and stress. These steps will help them stay cool and composed while facing the tense moments in life.

How to Help Your Kids Deal with Cyber bullying?

Here are some practical tips to help your kids deal with cyber bullying.

4 Red Flags That Your Kid Has a Bad Tutor

Do your kids have a bad home tutor? Here are the ways to find out that.

Can Cutting Class Size Benefit Students?

Can cutting class size really benefit students? The answer can’t be a simple “YES” or “NO”.It will require school authorities to go through a lot of considerations.   “Smaller classes may help level the playing field and enhance equality of opportunity for students from disadvantaged families,”—this is how Non Constituency MP Leon Perera advocates streamlined class

Best 6 ways to help your kid to deal with stress

There can be many reasons why your child is dealing with stress. It can be due to lack of interest in studies or due to conflict in family. Whatever the reason is, you need to deal with it very smartly. Find out some amazing ways to help your child manage stress levels. Is your kid

The increasing scope for pe, art and music teachers in Singapore

PE, art and music curriculum play a critical role in the holistic development of students. Hence, the number of professional cultivating these skills tends to increase. Find out more details here. Do you know about DSA? Yes, Direct School Admission, a new process of admission which is not merely based on the PSLE scores. It

Even Preschoolers Are Learning Computational Thinking In Singapore

‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world’. As more people concede to the significance of digital literacy and learning to code, there is another big thing emerging. Yes! Now even preschool teachers are teaching computational thinking to kids right from the youngest age. Computational

Gaming app To Make Learning fun- Yes, it’s possible

Thanks to the advanced technology which has made it possible games to be a part of studies. Yes, you read it right. Find out the details below.