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Teach your kids to avoid the common Exam Mistakes

Kids are kids, and they are known to commit the silliest errors that can cost them valuable imprints. Teach your kids to stay away from these basic blunders, whether your little one is sitting for the PSLE or the year-end SA2. English Mistake: Not focusing on key words. Teach him to underline or circle key

Singapore Schools Using Artistic Ways To Teach Non-Arts Subjects!

Schools of Singapore have presented numerous new things in the education system, which is gainful for both students as well as teachers. One such is the acquaintance of artistic ways to teach non-arts subject. There are numerous schools who have gone for this new artistic learning way for non-arts subjects. With the help of this

Spruce Up Your Kids Study Room In Best Possible Ways!

It’s time to redesign your kid’s room with smart ideas and modern tips to make them fall in love with their school homework without any stress!

Understanding your child- a real important parenting step!

Definitely, one of the most challenging and important tasks for parents is to understand their child. It is necessary to learn that every child has a unique personality. Along with their abilities, there are some weaknesses, which you need to accept the same way.

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