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DIY Chemistry Experiments Kids Can Try At Home

To make chemistry exciting for kids, here are some simple DIY experiments to try at home.

The increasing scope for pe, art and music teachers in Singapore

PE, art and music curriculum play a critical role in the holistic development of students. Hence, the number of professional cultivating these skills tends to increase. Find out more details here. Do you know about DSA? Yes, Direct School Admission, a new process of admission which is not merely based on the PSLE scores. It

Even Preschoolers Are Learning Computational Thinking In Singapore

‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world’. As more people concede to the significance of digital literacy and learning to code, there is another big thing emerging. Yes! Now even preschool teachers are teaching computational thinking to kids right from the youngest age. Computational

What key qualities to consider before hiring a tutor?

Hiring a tutor is not as simple as it appears to be. For the parents, it is no less than a challenge in itself. Don’t worry, here’s something to help. Find out.

Exams time- Healthy Diet Time

Though it is said to eat healthy diet always, yet when it is about your exams, you need to be more careful. Find out here what all you need for better energy and performance.

How ‘Pokemon Go’ Serving As Learning Tools For Students

It’s hard to believe, but Pokémon GO is everything we’ve been waiting for! It is a tool that capitalizes on the modern day child’s reliance on smart phone use yet simultaneously encourages them to get outside and on the move–all the while being encouraged to check out the historic sites nearby. What Is Pokemon GO?

Why Storytelling is Good for Your Child’s Language Development?

Here are the benefits of the reading a story to your child. He or she ends up with an improvement in vocabulary and good communication skills.

Poly grads now have their way to enter the top degree courses

Nowadays more number of ploy graduates seems to be present their in top degree courses. Let’s find out some reasons behind.

Spruce Up Your Kids Study Room In Best Possible Ways!

It’s time to redesign your kid’s room with smart ideas and modern tips to make them fall in love with their school homework without any stress!

Understanding your child- a real important parenting step!

Definitely, one of the most challenging and important tasks for parents is to understand their child. It is necessary to learn that every child has a unique personality. Along with their abilities, there are some weaknesses, which you need to accept the same way.