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Even Preschoolers Are Learning Computational Thinking In Singapore

‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world’. As more people concede to the significance of digital literacy and learning to code, there is another big thing emerging. Yes! Now even preschool teachers are teaching computational thinking to kids right from the youngest age. Computational

Why Storytelling is Good for Your Child’s Language Development?

Here are the benefits of the reading a story to your child. He or she ends up with an improvement in vocabulary and good communication skills.

Why parents should use language of love to your kids

Treatment of children and the way parents communicate or provide feedback to them lays the foundation of their children. Wrong ways, unhealthy and unbalanced development of bond with children could be the biggest disaster in their life. Tender hearts of children need attention, affection, understanding and trust. Reward and punishments are the basics of learning,

Meet Edusnap: An app that can help you to complete your homwework

CHIA Luck Yong, Shaun TAN, and Anders TAN of SMU (Singapore Management University), have launched Edusnap which is an app that allows students to upload their questions onto a platform, where teachers, tutors and tuition centers can guide students.

Did You Know Kids!…Know your Singapore

Hey kids, do you love your Singapore? How much do you know about the country? Wondering!!!

Education in Singapore in your native language

The prime difficulty that expatriates face is to find a school that provides international education in their home language. It’s a common dilemma faced by almost all but if you are moving to Singapore, this isn’t a problem there. Speaking and learning in English is definitely a good thing, but often parents have the feat

Singapore For Kids: Kids Friendly Activities

Give your kids a world for their overall growth- physically, mentally and emotionally. Spend quality time with your kids and strengthen your bond with them.

How to study effectively

Research and psychological studies say that studying effectively is not a matter of a day or two. It is achieved by taking some measures and following them.

How to develop good study habits in a child?

The main task of a student is to study. If students endeavor to study well and in a right manner, they will build the habit to learn more. But, the question here is how to develop good study habits in students?

5 free iPad Apps for Drawing and Sketching Notes on iPad

Mobile devices like iPad have so much to offer when it comes to learning and education. In Singapore where education is very tech savvy, and use if iPad as a learning device is encouraged, it is imperative to get good drawing and sketching apps for your device.