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Understanding your child- a real important parenting step!

Definitely, one of the most challenging and important tasks for parents is to understand their child. It is necessary to learn that every child has a unique personality. Along with their abilities, there are some weaknesses, which you need to accept the same way.

Did You Know Kids!…Know your Singapore

Hey kids, do you love your Singapore? How much do you know about the country? Wondering!!!

What is the Best Age to start Learning Music

Music has no bars and limits. Neither there is any such specific age to learn music. It is an art that is developed in one’s life gradually with the interest.

Singapore For Kids: Kids Friendly Activities

Give your kids a world for their overall growth- physically, mentally and emotionally. Spend quality time with your kids and strengthen your bond with them.

How to study effectively

Research and psychological studies say that studying effectively is not a matter of a day or two. It is achieved by taking some measures and following them.

Basic Piano Skills for Beginners

Playing piano is not as difficult as it may seem, provided you have the patience to practice and a good tutor to train. Piano has 88 notes, which are broken into black and white notes. It must be noted that not all pianos have 88 notes, but most do.   The notes on the piano

Songs to teach your kids their body parts

Learning with music is the best thing at any age. More so, when you are a kid. The best way to teach young learners about their body parts is by allowing them to move and swing to the lyrics of the following songs.

Top 5 Educational Games for Students

Playing brain bending and educational games always helps you to enhance your learning capabilities.

Elite Schools in Singapore

Singapore has a long list of SAP and independent schools that are famous worldwide for their top class integrated programs.

Where to Learn Singapore’s National Languages

Singapore offers ample opportunities to those who want to learn the national languages.