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MOE Singapore Plans To Monitor The Bullying In Schools Closely

Children of every age and race are being affected by bullying. And Singaporeans kids are no exception. While MOE is taking significant steps to cut down on the number of incidents, it is essential for parents to keep their kids safe. Find out more details here.

Learning Science With Different Experiments & Fun In Singapore

Science is sometimes seen as an unpredictable and hard subject. Learning science is like you think you understand everything but, practically, when you are shown a surprising unreasonable phenomenon, your mind abruptly opens up, and you make inquiries normally. The methodology is to ask students’ inquiries, and expand on their estimates and translations. With the

Special activities for the June holidays- a new way to brighter future!

This summer vacations, it is not just for fun, it is time for learning some etiquettes. Read on to know how you can make your little one go one step ahead in these June holidays.

Poly grads now have their way to enter the top degree courses

Nowadays more number of ploy graduates seems to be present their in top degree courses. Let’s find out some reasons behind.

Excellent Educational Accommodation Facilities Available In Singapore

Being no. 1 in education, Singapore is the best in providing the excellent educational accommodation facilities to students for their higher studies.

Spruce Up Your Kids Study Room In Best Possible Ways!

It’s time to redesign your kid’s room with smart ideas and modern tips to make them fall in love with their school homework without any stress!

Understanding your child- a real important parenting step!

Definitely, one of the most challenging and important tasks for parents is to understand their child. It is necessary to learn that every child has a unique personality. Along with their abilities, there are some weaknesses, which you need to accept the same way.

Technology doesn’t make school pupils smarter

Computers do not noticeably improve school pupils’ academic results and can even hamper performance.

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