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DIY Chemistry Experiments Kids Can Try At Home

To make chemistry exciting for kids, here are some simple DIY experiments to try at home.

How to Boost Your Child’s Tuition Centre Experience?

A tuition centre in Singapore can be more helpful than ever. But there is a lot between you can do to enhance your kid’s tutoring experience. Find out more.

How to Choose a Right Tuition Centre in Singapore?

Here are the things you should look for while choosing a tuition centre in Singapore.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Your POA Exam

Negligence and wrong strategy make POA exam even challenging.

Differences between Private Tutors and Tuition Centres in Singapore

Go through these key differences between tuition centres and a private tutor.

How to Improve Study Habits of Your Kids?

Learn here how to develop healthy study habits in your kids.

Check out Singapore‘s 4 Latest Events of 2016!

Latest food corners, music lessons, art exhibition, and sporting events- get everything on an exciting array in Singapore this year within your budgets. What else are you looking for in your trip to Singapore? Still confused what events are going to take place this year? Don’t worry! We will help you choose out the best

Let’s hear it for Audiobooks

An important module of a comprehensive reading framework in elementary, middle and high school learning is today Audiobooks. Here is why it is so.

Easy Effective tips incorporate study sessions

Easy & Effective tips to incorporate into your study sessions It’s easy to write off studying as one of the most tantamount and difficult experiences one would inevitably have to go through in their years in school – and it doesn’t a genius to see why. It requires long periods of concentrated effort, time, and

Math Olympiad- the new interest of Singaporean students!

Over the years, Singapore have grown tremendously in terms of education. From its highly responsible administration to the bright and hardworking students, everyone has contributed to their success in several national and international activities, including the International Mathematical Olympiad.