Differences between Private Tutors and Tuition Centres in Singapore

What’s the difference between a tuition centre and a private tutor?

Although both are the same form of teaching with the same objective, they are not the same. They vary based on the environment, comfort and attention. And then both may have their pros and cons. Here we have compared tuition centres with private tutors so that you can choose the right one.

Tuition Centres are Less Expensive:

Tuition centres in Singapore have generally fixed costs, which are reasonable than those of private tutors. The average tuition centres rate in Singapore is SGD 30 per hour for primary school, SGD 40 per hour for secondary school and SGD 55 per hour for junior college. However, branded and reputed tuition centres may charge more than this standard rate.

For private tutor, the rate is determined by track record and qualifications. An experienced and qualified tutor may charge more than the standard rates prescribed by tuition centres. For example, MOE teachers charges SGD 40-45 per hour for primary school, SGD 65 per hour for lower secondary and SGD 70-80 per hour for junior college. Their rate can be justified as they have to travel and have only one or two students at a time.

Home Tutor Ensures Personal Attention than Tuition Centre:

A home tutor has only one or two students at a time, meaning that he focus on their performance efficiently. Tuition centre has a batch of students to teach. Thus, some student’s performance may go unnoticed.

Tuition Centre Guarantees Uninterrupted Tutoring:

What if a home tutor falls ill and cancels the classes, even for several days? But this is not the case with a tuition centre. They have backup facilities or other tutors to continue the tutoring.

Home Tutor Teaches at Home Comfort:

A private home tutor teaches students at their place, thereby saving students a hassle of a daily commute.

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