DIY Chemistry Experiments Kids Can Try At Home

Chemistry is introduced to the kids as the part of their general science.

Whether it’s A level chemistry or O level chemistrykids have to go through complicated equations, confusing symbols and lengthy theories.

To grasp the concepts, practical knowledge is very useful. Besides, it would be fun for them to see how materials respond with each other. And you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. There are many common household things around you can use to create exciting chemistry experiments.

Colourful Milk:

Image Source: onelittleproject

What You Need…

Fool Fat Milk
• Food Colouring Powder
• Dish Soap
• Cotton Swabs

What to Do…
Transfer milk into a flat bottom surface like baking dish. Now cover the top of the milk with the few drops of colour. Mix up them. Put dish soap into a bowl. Take a cotton swab and rub it over the soap. Now, bring the cotton swab to the milk dish and touch the surface of the milk with it.

You will see an amazing chemical reaction happening between the soap and the milk’s fat. This happens as milk is composed of minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats. The soap breaks apart the protein and fats.

Liquid Stacking:


Source: stevespanglerscience

What you need…

Dish washing liquid
• Vegetable oil
• Rubbing alcohol
• Honey

What to Do…
Start pouring all these ingredients into the bottle from the heaviest to the lightest. For example, honey would come first followed by vegetable oil dishwashing liquid and rubbing alcohol.
You will see that each liquid stay intact without mixing with other. The glass will show the colourful bars. And this happens because of the densities of the material you use.

Fizzy Volcano:

Source: intheplayroom

What you need…
• Mint Candies (Mentos)
• Carbonated drink (Coke)

Drop some mint candies into the bottle of Coke at the same time. And you will see a huge eruption coming out from the bottle.
This happens as CO2 in the soda is attracted to the mint candies, creating so much pressure that drives the soda out.

So these are some cool yet simple chemistry experiments kids can enjoy at home. Besides, they help you instil love for science in them. They won’t consider it boring anymore. Using such DIY chemistry experiments encourage them to learn more.
Have you ever conducted a chemistry experiment at home? Please share your experiences with us by commenting below.

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