Exams time- Healthy Diet Time

From doctors to mothers, everyone is usually found strongly recommending healthy diet intake. But for the parents and children out there, do you know it plays a vital role in attaining optimal academic performance? Yes, stats have proved that during those challenging days of exam, key foods and their components can help attain a different level of mental alertness, sustained concentration, and cognitive function.

Exam Time

In all, it helps students learn and remember the concepts, themes, formulas, and much more for their exams. Let’s explore some essential elements you need to know;


Amino acids or building blocks which your body gets from protein rich foods produce key chemicals such as neurotransmitters. These enhance cell-to-cell communication and cognitive function.

Other elements like serotonin are produced from the amino acid. For this reason make sure you include cottage cheese, salmon, carrots, peanuts, brown rice, red meat, and sesame seeds. While these are rich in proteins, these help in the regulation of memory, learning and mood.


When it is about mental alertness and concentration, you need to increase intake of carbohydrates.  Well known to provide sustained energy, glucose, the energy storage form of carbohydrates acts to be primary source of energy. But in order to ensure energy is sustained, be careful while choosing which type of carbohydrates you consume.

Among the two primary forms of carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, it is the former one which is absorbed a lot more slowly. Hence, energy is slowly released and

Last note; for the parents to ensure that their child have sustained energy for duration of three hours or more, during exam, make them a light meal consisting of carbohydrates and protein.

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