Gaming app To Make Learning fun- Yes, it’s possible

Have you heard of the latest buzz about an all new mobile gaming application which simply encourages children to learn? Launched at an edutainment expo in Singapore, this special game is a resultant of efforts made by Marshall Cavendish Education. It is a household textbook brand in Singapore serving with excellent study materials across 50 countries.

The brand teamed up with the award-winning mobile game developer, Kenneth Tan, and brought forth ‘Brainy Arkies’.

What is ‘Brainy Arkies’?

Brainy Arkies’

It is a mobile game which is crafted specifically to supplement mathematics learning. Basically, it aims for the primary school pupils. It presents a series of mathematics quizzes amazingly combined with a gaming quest meant for pupils from Primary 1 to 4.

  • While the idea is inspired by games like Farmville, this animated app uses a game-based approach. Differentiating form any other app, it is something than just fun and games.
  • It comprises of over 12,000 questions which are aligned in context to the recent Ministry of Education primary mathematics syllabus.
  • Integrating adaptive learning, it helps diagnosing the child’s mastery of topics and assessments, as per the student’s ability.

Keeping in mind that every child has his unique learning needs, Brainy Arkies caters every individual’s capabilities.

Interested? You can fetch the subscription today itself, which is available at $9.98 for one month, $41.98 for 6 months and $71.98 for a year.

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