Here’s How Singapore Tutors Earn at least $1 M in a Year

How much the average tutor can earn in Singapore? According to a popular belief, he or she can make it maximum to some thousand dollars annually in all likelihoods.

But what if we tell you that Singapore tutors are making $1 M in a year?

In fact, some “super tutors” are taking just a month to achieve this five figures income.

The reason is pretty simple—tuition industry in Singapore is on the boom. More and more parents are sending their kids to the tutors. Students are looking for extra classes to earn good grades so that they can get admission into top schools in the country.

Anthony Fok, one of the millionaire tutors in Singapore, explained the scenario in these words—

“There is huge demand from parents. It’s fuelled by competition and it’s fuelled by ambition to get the students to top schools in the country. So parents are willing to splurge money on tuition services. It’s a big industry.” He even admitted that some parents are even willing to pay up to $25,000 just to assure a spot for their kid.

Like Mr Fok, Phang Yu Hon, a physic tutor in late 40s, earns $1.1 million in fees. Most of his students belong to upper-middle income groups like business owners, medical professionals and senior civil servants and academics.

“Their parents are less concerned about cost and more focused on the tutor’s track record,”said he.

However, it also depends on the skills and success rate of a tutor. Ms Janice Chuah, a math tutor, puts light on this aspect, “The better you are, the more students you get. The more students you get, the more money you earn.”

It is clear that tuition industry is being fuelled by demanding parents and ambitious students (who prefer results over prices).

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