How to Calm Down an Anxious Kid?

Anxiety is an obvious part of childhood. It comes out as frustration or tantrum if a kid can’t hold it. Many kids experience anxiety in several events like watching a scary movie or going to school for the first time. Sometime meeting strangers or being exposed to certain social settings also makes them uncomfortable.

As a parent, you should help your kids calm down whenever they face stressful events.

Give them Phrases!

Tell them to try certain motivational phrases (or mantra in a better sense) whenever they are taken down by stress. Here are some popular phrases especially crafted for relaxation:

‘There’s nothing to be scared of. I am going to be okay,’

“I am a warrior.”

“My parents love me. I love myself.”

Encourage Your Kids to Face Their Fears:

Confronting the fears is better than running away from it. It makes a person faces the fears confidentially for the next time. If a child faces his fears, the child will find that the anxiety minimizes naturally on its own over time. This is because the body can’t remain anxious for more than 20 minutes.

Tell You Kids that there is Nothing Wrong in Failure:

More kids are taken down by the fear of failure, thereby feeling anxious while facing the event that can be an exam or sports. In this scenario, parent’s support is really valuable. Tell them that it is okay to be imperfect. Encourage them to give their best without worrying over the results, no matter if they are sitting in exam or participating in the sports.

Show Them the Positive Aspect:

Generally, kids can get lost in negative thoughts and self-criticism routed from the stressful events. Here you should tell them about the positive side of the situation.

So these are the ways to help your anxious child. Remember, parental support is extremely important to help them overcome anxiety.

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