How to Help Your Kids Deal with Cyber bullying?

Wikipedia defines cyberbullying as a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers.

From threats, posting rumors, sexual remarks, leaking victim’s personal information to hate speech, cyberbullying harasses a kid in many ways hurting their self-esteem. A kid may feel scared, frustrated, angry and even depressed. As a parent, you need to help your kids deal with cyberbullying. Here’s how…

  • Tell them that Social Media is Not Real Life:

As a parent, you should remind that this is not a real life, thus they should not take the things seriously out there. But this is not that easy, especially Singaporean kids have more screen times lasted for several hours. First of all, ask kids if any comment or content disturbs them over the Internet. Kids should not respond to such nasty comments as trolls are looking for a reaction from their victim. If they don’t get any response for longer, they give up and move on.

  • Be Supportive and Understanding:

Don’t overreact by accusing your kids. If they fall to bullying, this is the time to show your support, your empathy. Don’t threaten to take away your kid’s devices if they report you the problem. This prompts them hide everything from you, making them more secretive. Figure out how long they have been bullied, and assure them that you will work together to find a way out. Again, be supportive and don’t blame your kids for that.

  • Report the Behavior:

All major social media platforms facilitate users to restrict the other visitors on their profile. For example, a Facebook user can go to the person’s profile delivering negative things and click on the “Report/Block This Person” link on the left column. If the things get worse, you can report it to the police.

  • Monitor Their Online Usage:

Keep a tab on your kid’s online activities. Keep the computers in common area, instead of keeping it in your kid’s bedroom.

Bottom Line:

All you need to show love and support to your kids after an episode of cyberbullying.

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