MOE Singapore Plans To Monitor The Bullying In Schools Closely

Bullying statics in Singapore gives a reason to worry. No child is immune to this unwanted behavior. And this make Ministry Of Education takes a decision continue monitoring the situation of bullying in schools closely.

Bullying In Schools

How MOE Singapore is preparing against bullying actions in schools?

Director of the ministry’s student development curriculum division, Madam Ng Chen Kee, stated that MOE does not tolerate bullying. For this, they have instructed the school personnel to give attention to and address each and every hurtful behavior of students. Yes, actions will be taken for students making fun of others.

For increasing the awareness of bullying in schools, they have made a provision to offer better resources which includes accessible channels for the students to report about the bullying cases safely. The list will include online platforms, which will be followed by prompt investigation and follow up on the incident reported.

Besides, the actions of MOE also include an educational approach to help all students learn from bullying incidents and prevent any incidents in future.

Well, MOE is doing its part in reducing bullying. But it is also parents’ responsibility to prevent this behavior by preparing their kids for the same.

How parents can help prevent the number of bullying cases?

Yes, the parents do have the power to stop it. Here are listed some actions which parents can take to help stop bullying;

Be Friendly: Try to know what the problem is and remember you don’t need to view things negatively. Help your kids open up to you and express what fears them.

Be a Teacher: Let your kids know that they are being bullied. Making them understand what’s happening to them will help them deal with the things naturally and also they will learn what they don’t need to do to others.

Be Supportive: You need to build up confidence of your child. Generally, the victimized kids end up developing very low self-esteem or a negative self-image. Counter these negative personality effects on time and make them aware of their unique talents. Plus, keep on reminding that they have capability to improve.

Has your child dealt with any bullying incident? Do share your experiences on how you helped him overcome the situation. You never know, how helpful it can be for other parents and children!

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