Secondary Education in Singapore – What You Should Know

Making the right choice at this level will ensure that the pattern for growth and development of the child is set till he attains adolescence. The selection of subjects and courses at this stage will also make him ready for further study and lay down the base for a successful career.

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Let’s read about the Secondary Education in detail –

1. Entry Level

The secondary education takes almost four-five years to complete in Singapore. Various courses are intended to take care of almost all interests and many important levels of learning.

Children are offered the flexibility of shifting from one course to another on the basis of their aptitude towards a certain curriculum.

2. The Express Course

Children, who choose the Express course after completion of PSLE, are offered a choice between eight to six subjects. The selection to this course solely depends on their score in PSLE.

Children who have performed exceptionally well can also opt for an additional ninth subject.

3. The Normal Course – Academic / Technical

Students who opt for the Normal Academic course are offered subjects that are based on academics. And those that get selected for a Normal Course Technical are suggested a curriculum that lays emphasis on practice.  Students from both these courses are allowed to sit in the GCE – N LEVEL Examination that is held once the Secondary 4 ends in Singapore.

4. After GCE –N

Children who clear this examination and were enrolled in the Normal (Academic) course can opt for another year of study. They will also be eligible to sit for the GCE O level exam that is held at the end of the academic session.

5. Admission in Polytechnics

Children, who do not want to study a fifth year, can seek admission in a polytechnic by applying via the PFP or the ITE. The former is the Polytechnics Foundation programme and the latter is the Institutes of Technical Education. Entry is allowed by a direct scheme, children from Normal–Technical who fulfill the requirements can now shift to Normal Academic.

6. Elective Programmes

Children who have a natural flair for arts, languages or music can choose from a wide spectrum of programmes that are specifically designed for this purpose. There are courses available that offer advanced learning in IT, business and even Engineering.

7. The IP – Integrated programme

Certain schools are also offering the IP, which is a six year module and it specifically takes care of the needs of bright students. The learning style of this programme suits pupils who are independent and like an unstructured learning process. The bright sparks in this course can straightaway apply for a pre–university admission and skip giving a GCE – O all together.

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