Teach your kids to avoid the common Exam Mistakes

Kids are kids, and they are known to commit the silliest errors that can cost them valuable imprints. Teach your kids to stay away from these basic blunders, whether your little one is sitting for the PSLE or the year-end SA2.


Mistake: Not focusing on key words. Teach him to underline or circle key words. Give your child a chance to pick the way he leans towards. A few lean toward using a highlighter to underline key words to remember things.


Mistake: Not noting the question particularly. Our specialists say that while it’s frequently compelling to life the entire sentence from the understanding passage, kids need to observe the way the answers are being asked, and highlight the keywords. Always refer to circumstances in the passage instead of giving a general reply.

Mistake: Not using good vocabulary as a part of the compositions. Other than reading and observing good phrases, he ought to invigorate his collection of mo xie (Chinese for transcription) and use them suitably.


Mistake: Forgetting to put the unit or the right unit. Imprints are deducted for absent or wrong units in the last sentence. For example: 15cm + 20 = 40 cm” is incorrect.

Mistake: Scribbling the wrong numbers when copying or moving the answers in every step of the working. A few children also write “6″ so badly that it appears like “0″, or “7″ resembles “1″.


Mistake: Giving answers that are not related to the context. He may lose marks if it’s not clear how he landed on his decision.

Thus, make your kids realize that you love them a lot no matter what is the outcome of the exam. So that he can give exams without any fear.

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