Technology in Classrooms: Singapore is leading the Way

Singapore is already a pioneer in the world of education technology, while the rest of the world is still to develop the right mindset towards it. Why we recognize this country as a high-performing education system today is because it has successfully persuaded its educators to adapt to whatever has changed with the 21st-century technological shift!

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How the Singapore Education System has Adapted to Technology

On its way to enhancing its understanding of modern technology and how it can be employed to excel in the area of education, Singapore is one of the first nations to use advanced digital resources that can help students learn faster. It is also set to introduce ways to make quick learners improve their learning skills and help slower minds to pull alongside!

In Singapore, students carrying their mobile ICT devices and laptops to schools are a common sight. Since all the schools are offering campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity or wireless Internet connectivity, students are able to access online study materials anywhere, at any point of time. This helps young minds learn on their own, at their own tempo.

What is the Actual Idea Behind?

Practically, the application of technology to better the education system in Singapore is not limited to the use of the latest gadgets only. As per the country’s educationists, although technology is greatly pervasive, it is not the only equipment that they are fascinated to, especially because the ultimate purpose here is to excel in a highly sensitive area like education.

From a natural-learning point of view, the intellectual think-tank of Singapore is more interested in transforming learning by making the most of modern technology. The key is to help students simplify all useful techniques and equipment, and bring them into use at their best. Although teachers are glad to utilize technology in education, they are equally careful towards ensuring that students don’t get controlled by it.

They are aware that technology can be a more an interruption than a help if employed incongruously!

The Arrival of Digital Age – How’s the Role of Teachers Changing?

One of the first and biggest evidences of the arrival of the digital age in Singapore is the availability of lots of information in the virtual medium. And since it can be a daunting task to manage such a huge volume of information, it’s the responsibility of teachers to make sense of it and pass the simplified product to students. Only teachers can help students tell good and useful information from the bad one. It is teachers who have synthesizing skills to break complicated info into meaningful knowledge that can be used practically in the long run.

Although Singapore is a true global leader in using technology for the betterment of education system, it will have to make sure face-to-face student-teacher interaction doesn’t become obsolete over time. Here, the real test will be to set highly valuable traditional methods and modern educational technology in harmony with each other!

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