Recently, three teachers were lauded for their inspiring work. Let’s have a look at the amazing stories of the people who put tremendous amount of hard work in their profession.


Naznin Rehana Begum: Honoured with the award “SHARING HER PASSION”, Ms Naznin employs presentations to boost the confidence of her students. She is located at Dunearn Secondary School and wish to bring her favourite subject to life in the classroom. Enjoying her work with teenagers, she caters the opportunity to enjoy the subject for young people. She is a great supporter of local literary texts.

Mr Ian Tan Xin Long: He has been teaching English literature at Raffles Institution. With a belief that, the best way to transfer the love of literature is by example he is role model for his students. Well-known to employ a range of teaching methods, he tends to make his lessons appealing for the students. For this purpose, he makes use of film clips to teach literature and narrative writing. The best thing about him is that he enjoys interacting with students.

Ms Foo Soo Ling: Being the head of English at Nanyang Girls’ High School, she is the first one to receive both awards simultaneously, i.e. Teaching and Leadership awards. Throughout the years, she has been looking out for strategies that excite and engage students. With the 24 years of teaching experience, she has always brought forth with new initiatives and strategies.

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